ThinkSoul25 - International House Music Blog

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ThinkSoul25, often referred to as TS25, is a lifestyle & culture blog founded in 2010 by Jasmine McGee. After years of freelancing and writing for various publications, including a premier national magazine, Jasmine decided to embark on her own journey of creating a blog dedicated to the arts, house music, culture, and good old fashioned opinionated rant

As a culture enthusiast, Jasmine does her best to educate, share, and promote her readers on all things house music. TS25 is truly home to house music and it's apparent she eats, sleeps, and drinks house. Seriously, she's madly in love with it!

It's hard to describe the blog in just one word, but one thing that is true is that TS25 is home to Peace, Love, and House Music.